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Salmon Fun Derby

2015 Derby Date has been set as:

July 17,18,19

(details coming soon)

2014 Results

Overall (top 50)

1Ernie Ukrainec8.392014-07-17
2Leo Elliott8.072014-07-14
3Keith Holmstrom8.002014-07-13
4Michael Lapage7.992014-07-12
5Gary Lyons7.952014-07-16
6Anne Lahtinon7.762014-07-13
7Kim Ankney7.522014-07-12
8Dan Melnyk7.462014-07-12
9Blair Young7.262014-07-19
10Ian Parker7.132014-07-16
11Rick Bortolin7.122014-07-18
12Beverly Hutch7.112014-07-12
13Rick Bortolin7.092014-07-14
14Andrew Paisley7.062014-07-16
15Rick Bortolin7.062014-07-16
16Nicole Kardas6.922014-07-19
17Cole McVety6.912014-07-13
18Don Ladelle6.902014-07-18
19Harold Mosley6.902014-07-12
20Tom Alexander6.832014-07-16
21Peter Oncholenko6.792014-07-12
22Rick Bortolin6.772014-07-12
23Daniel Kardas6.662014-07-17
24R Gehl6.632014-07-18
25John Wheatley6.612014-07-14
26Bill Lankinen6.582014-07-17
27Bob Hoogsteen6.462014-07-16
28G Kok6.382014-07-12
29Lynn Wagenaar6.362014-07-18
30Gary Gardner6.352014-07-19
31Agnes Paisley6.352014-07-14
32Dave Putchak6.322014-07-13
33Keith Barr6.312014-07-19
34Clive Brown6.302014-07-16
35Anne Lahtinon6.292014-07-19
36Peter Muller6.292014-07-16
37Andrew Paisley6.232014-07-12
38Eileen Carrier6.202014-07-17
39Ernie Paisley6.162014-07-12
40Terry Bortolin6.132014-07-12
41Rob Lake6.122014-07-19
42Glen Polhill6.112014-07-15
43Ernie Paisley6.102014-07-16
44Finn Anderson6.082014-07-17
45John Hagdu6.002014-07-16
46Jaiden Holmstrom5.962014-07-13
47Larry Bohonos5.952014-07-17
48G Kok5.952014-07-14
49David MacGowan5.942014-07-13
50Ash Maxwell5.922014-07-13


1Cole McVety6.91
2Jaiden Holmstrom5.96
3Noah Santorelli5.80


1Anne Lahtinon7.76
2Beverly Hutch7.11
3Nicole Kardas6.92

  •  Please see the map below for directions 

    to the many public access launches in the Thunder Bay area.

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